Erika's dad-Diesel

Erika's mom-Kimberly

Ivy (mentioned)

Zara-Princess, Steven





Zara gets some punishments and then gets sent to Australia.


(in Erika's room)

Erika's dad: What's wrong Erika? Why are you sad?

Erika: It's because Ivy Smith came here without permission.

Erika's dad: It's okay. She's not here anymore.

Erika: No. That's not why.

Erika's mom: What is it then?

Erika: Zara sent me to my room after she saw Ivy in the house.

Erika's dad: Thank you for telling me the truth. You are not grounded but Zara is.

Erika's mom: Now let's ground Zara.


Erika's dad: Zara, get down here right now!

Zara: What is it Dad and Mom?

Erika's dad: We had a talk with Erika! She told me you sent her to her room! How could you?

Zara: Hold on a minute! I caught Erika playing with Ivy when I told her not to!

Erika's dad: Well, only grownups discipline teenagers and also, grounding people is our job, not yours! For this, you are grounded for 100 months! Now, we will give you 16 punishments! First punishment, we will spank you!


Erika's mom: Second punishment, playing loud music!

(Dambusters March plays loudly)

Zara: Ow! That hurts!

Erika's dad: We don't care! Third punishment, we will get Derek to break up with you!

Zara: No! Not my boyfriend, Derek! Anything but my boyfriend!

Erika's mom: Too bad! This is for your own good for grounding your sister Erika! Now let's head to Derek's house!

(at Derek's house)

Derek: Diesel, Kimberly and Zara, why are you here?

Erika's dad: Derek, can you please break up with Zara?

Derek: Why?

Erika's dad: Because, she grounded Erika after finding out that Ivy Smith went to her house while grounded!

Derek: Zara, I'm so mad at you! That's it! We're breaking up and I will find a girl better than you to marry!

Zara: No no no no no no no no no no no! How could you? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Erika's mom: Well, good! This is your punishment for grounding your sister Erika! Now let's head back home!

(back at home)

Erika's mom: Fourth punishment, we will close your Youtube account!

Zara: No! Not my account! Please!

Computer: Do you want to close your account?

(Erika's mom presses yes)

Computer: Account closed.

Erika's dad: Fifth punishment, we will throw your computer out the window!

(Computer is thrown out window)

Zara: No no no no no no no no! That computer cost $500!

Erika's mom: We don't care if your computer costs $730, $900 or $1200! This is for your own good for grounding Erika! Sixth punishment, we will destroy your stuffed pumpkin!

(pumpkin is destroyed)

Erika's dad: Seventh punishment, we will remove your shirt and pants so we can donate them to charity!


Zara: Oh no! I'm now in my bikini! 

Erika's mom: You will stay in your bikini forever! Eighth punishment, we will give you hot sauce!

Zara: That's hot!

Erika's dad: Ninth punishment, we will run over your Fluttershy doll with a lawn mower!

(Fluttershy is run over)

Erika's mom: Tenth punishment, you will take a cold shower!

Zara: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

(back downstairs)

Erika's dad: Eleventh punishment, we will give you a man's voice!

Zara (speaking in Steven's voice): No no no no no no no no no no no no no! Change it back to Princess!

Erika's mom: No! You are keeping this voice forever! Twelfth punishment, we will put you in nappies!


Zara (Steven's voice): Ow! That hurts!

Erika's dad: Thirteenth punishment, we will play more loud music!

(Match of the Day plays)

Zara (Steven's voice): That hurts even more!

Erika's mom: Fourteenth punishment, slapping you more!


Erika's dad: Fifteenth punishment, you will only watch baby shows!

Erika's mom: Sixteenth punishment, you will only eat raw food!

Zara (Steven's voice): I can't believe this!

Erika's dad: That's what you get for grounding Erika! Also, I forgot!

Zara (Steven's voice): What is it Dad?

Erika's dad: There is a seventeenth punishment! That punishment is you will be sent to Australia!

(in airport)

Guard: Flight to Australia. Now boarding.

(on plane)

Pilot: Welcome to Australia.

(in Australia)

Zara (Steven's voice): Well, it looks like I'm going to have to stay here in Australia till my dying day. This is the worst day ever. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


This is the sequel to Ivy goes to Erika's house while grounded.

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