Zara and Erika does the Charlie Charlie Challenge is the 1st episode for the Zara/Erika gets grounded series Season 1

Transcript Edit

Zara: I wonder what I was going to do with the paper and pencil

Erika: I know, We will do the Charlie Charlie Challenge

Zara and Erika: Charlie, Charlie, are you here?

Erika: oh no!

Zara: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Kimberly Dawson: Zara and Erika, What's wrong?

Kimberly Dawson: Oh, they must have ran upstairs to their rooms, And what's this?

Kimberly Dawson: Oh, Zara and Erika had done the Charlie Charlie Challenge, They are too young to do that. They will be so grounded

Kimberly Dawson:Zara and Erika, Open this door right now

Erika: But mom, We need space right now

Kimberly Dawson: That's it! I am going to bust down the door

Erika: But mom, We-


Kimberly Dawson (Kidaroo's voice): Erika and Zara! How dare you do the Charlie Charlie Challenge! You girls are too young to do that because it is extremely scary! You are grounded for a week in a half! That means no candy or Trick-or-treating on Halloween! Go to bed right now!

Kimberly Dawson: And if you girls have a nightmare, You will be grounded for 5 nights! And I will have Jeff the Killer to jumpscare you as a punishment!

Kimberly Dawson: But if you don't have a nightmare, None of that will happen, Goodnight

Erika; But Mom, We can't sleep

Kimberly Dawson: Abracadabra!

Some lines inspired by OfficerPoop247

Zara and Erika pranks Sophia on her sleep and gets grounded

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