Zara-Princess, Diesel

Annabelle-Julie, Steven


Ryan Urban-Salli



Because Zara and Annabelle grounded LouieLouie95's girlfriend, they had to get their voice changed.


LouieLouie95: Zara and Annabelle! How dare you ground my girlfriend! That's it! You are both getting your voice changed!

Zara: But we can explain.

Annabelle: Erika made us late for the Muppets Most Wanted Premier.

LouieLouie95: That doesn't matter! Just because of a silly thing like that does not mean you act like Erika's mommies!

(at hospital)

Ryan Urban: Please Mickey, I don't want my voice changed. I couldn't help it at Best Buddies.

Mickeymcguinness7: Too bad Ryan! This is what you get for showing your belly button at best buddies 10 times in a row! Then you did the same thing out in class and in the community! When we go home, you are grounded for 12 days! My voice is Diesel because I'm mad at you!

Doctor: The doctor is here to see you.

LouieLouie95: Change their voices because they grounded my girlfriend!

Zara (Diesels's voice): Oh no! My voice is Diesel!

Annabelle (Steven's voice): Oh no! My voice is Steven!

Doctor: You can go home.


Zara's voice will stay as Diesel from now on.

Annabelle's voice will stay as Steven from now on.

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