Yaillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack




Evil Kris Kratt-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Nicholas-David/Evil Genius/Zack


Yaillou gets the Churro instead of the Cinnamon twists as he notices that Evil Kris Kratt is having an argument with his brother.


Yaillou: Hey Mom and Dad.

Boris: What is it Yaillou?

Yaillou: Can I go to Taco Bell?

Boris: Yes but you have to go by yourself.

Doris: We will check on you later.

(at Taco Bell)

Clerk: Welcome to Taco Bell. What can I get you?

Yaillou: I'll have five soft tacos a burrito and cinnamon twists.

Clerk: Sorry, Yaillou but the cinnamon twist are sold out.

Yaillou: Really come on!

Clerk: Don't feel bad. The churros are still available.

Yaillou: That's not the only reason I'm saying that. Look at what's happening at the table on the left.

Clerk: What is it Yaillou?

(at table)

Evil Kris Kratt: Nicholas, I want McDonald's!

Nicholas: Evil Kris Kratt, we are not having McDonald's! We are having Taco Bell so eat it!

Evil Kris Kratt: No, I said I want McDonald's!

Nicholas: Evil Kris Kratt, stop talking to me like that! I said we're not having McDonald's! We're having Taco Bell so eat it!

Evil Kris Kratt: That's it! I'm throwing everything in the garbage!

(Evil Kris Kratt throws everything away)

Nicholas: Evil Kris Kratt, how dare you throw our dinner in the garbage! We're going home! You're grounded until Christmas!

Evil Kris Kratt: (Custard's sound effect) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Yaillou: Mom and Dad, why are you here?

Boris: We came to check on you. We heard that Evil Kris Kratt was having an argument with his brother. He threw his dinner away.

Doris: I'm sure he'll be grounded for life and killed by Jet.

Yaillou: I'm ready for my order. I'll have what I said earlier but one of them is different. I'll get a churro instead.

Boris: Well done. You are ungrounded.