Wawa Watanabe, Stephanie Gavin-Kendra

Leon-Dave/Evil Genius/Zack

Stephanie's mom-Julie

Stephanie's dad-Diesel

Wawa's mom-Kate

Wawa's dad-Steven


Wawa Watanabe meets Stephanie Gavin and they get grounded.


Wawa Watanabe: Hey! Who are you?

Stephanie Gavin: I'm Stephanie Gavin.

Wawa Watanabe: You have the same voice as me. I'm Wawa Watanabe. Let's go to the movies.

(at movies)

Leon: Why is there two people with the same voice?

Stephanie Gavin: I'm not Wawa Watanabe! I'm Stephanie Gavin!

Leon: Oops.

Stephanie Gavin: Thanks.

Wawa Watanabe: That's the best.

(at Stephanie's house)

Stephanie's mom: Stephanie, where were you?

Stephanie Gavin: I met a girl named Wawa Watanabe and we went to the movies.

Stephanie's dad: Stephanie, how dare you go out without letting us know! You are grounded!

(at Wawa's house)

Wawa's mom: Wawa, where have you been!

Wawa Watanabe: I met a girl named Stephanie Gavin and we went to the movies.

Wawa's dad: Wawa, how dare you go to the movies without permission! You are grounded!


Wawa Watanabe

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