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The Cook family are eating at a restaurant but Warren insists on going to Domino's Pizza. His father tells him no because they're eating pasta. To this, Warren knocks the entire table down and then gets grounded. They sing him the Tricycle Song sung by Phil and Lil to teach him a lesson.

Transcript Edit

(in restaurant)

Warren: I'm not eating this! I want Domino's Pizza for dinner!

Dad: We're not having Domino's Pizza for dinner because we're having pasta!

Warren: No, I want Domino's Pizza!

Dad: I told you no!

Warren: That's it! I'm throwing everything in the garbage!

(Warren throws dinner)

Dad: Warren! How dare you throw our dinner away! That's it! We're going home!

(at home)

Dad: You're grounded forever!

Warren: Shut up dad, mom, brother and sister! I wish you were all dead!

Dad: How dare you tell us to shut up and wish we were dead! That's it! We will sing you the tricycle song to teach you a lesson!

Warren: Not the tricycle song from Rugrats!

Dad: Lillian, Lillian, what are you trying to do?

You're so dumb if you think that this trike's for you!

Mom: I told you it's mine already but you can have a teddy.

Then I'll look neat upon a seat of a trike that is not for you!

Brother: Phillip, Phillip what are we going to do?

I don't want to ride on this trike with you!

Sister: We could just try to share it but maybe our mom can tear it!

Then we'll look neat upon a seat of a trike that is not for you!

Dad: Go to your room now!

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