Border Patrolman-Carlos

Police Officer-Wise Guy



Warren Cook illegally crossed the USA/Mexican border all because he wanted to go to Mexico.


Warren: I'm going to cross the USA/Mexican border to go to Mexico!

(after crossing the border)

Warren: I'm in Mexico.

Border Patrolman: Excuse me, young man? Did you jump over the fence?

Warren: I did but who are you and what do you mean?

Border Patrolman: I'm Carlos and you see that I'm Mexican. That fence you just jumped over is actually the USA/Mexican Border. Are you Mexican like me?

Warren: Yes.

Border Patrolman: Let me see your professionship.

(Border Patrolman looks to see that Warren is not a Mexican)

Border Patrolman: Warren Cook! I'm going to call the American officers to take you to back to America! You're going to jail in America!

Warren: Don't let them take me back to America!

Border Patrolman: Hello, Warren Cook just crossed the USA/Mexican Border! Can you send him back to America? Thanks, bye!

Police Officer; Come with me!

(back in America)

Police Officer: You're back in America and are placed under arrest! I will call your father to come and pick you up!

(When Warren got home)

Dad: Warren, how dare you cross the American border and get arrested! That's it! You are grounded for 10 days! Go to your room now!