Warren Cook is a troublemaker who always loves anything made by Disney. He is permanently banned from Disney because he makes fake VHS openings. His original voice was Brian but the reason why he had to get his voice changed to Shy Girl was because he kept on making fake VHS openings to movies made by Disney, buying Disney movies and watching movies made by Disney in theatres. 

 Likes: Disney movies/shows, Making Fake VHS Openings, Blu-Ray, VHS tapes, yelling "43 CHARS!" (in NotSmirks and Notsmirks-inspired videos) 

Dislikes: His parents grounding him, being banned from Disney, his visitors, punishments, getting grounded, non-Disney movies/shows, The Save-Ums, DVDs (he prefers VHS/Blu-Ray), People disrespecting his opinion, getting his account closed
Warren Cook