My dad-Diesel

My mom-Kate

Violet's dad-Kidaroo

Violet's mom-Kimberly

JoJuan4444 (mentioned)


Violet gets in big trouble for making a grounded video out of me.


Violet: I'm going to make a grounded video out the creator.

(15 minutes late)

Violet: Let's preview it.

(video preview)

Teacher: Okay, let's take out your homework.

(everyone shows their homework but me)

Teacher: Mickey, where's your homework?

Me: I don't have my homework.

Teacher: Go to the principal's office now!

(in office)

Principal: So Mickey, what brings you here?

Me: I didn't have my homework.

Principal: You know we do not forget our homework! That's it! You are suspended for 10 days! Go home now!

My dad: Mickey, how dare you forget your homework and get suspended for 10 days! That's it! You are grounded grounded for life!

My mom: Go to your room now!

Me (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(video ends)

Violet: Now let's put it on YouTube.

Violet's dad (Kidaroo's voice): GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!


Violet's mom: You're very lucky that the creator's parents didn't come here to have a word with you for making a grounded video out of their son! In the meantime, that grounded video was even worse than the one you made out of JoJuan4444! You are grounded for three trillion days!

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