Uaillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack




Macusoper's dad-Diesel


Uaillou does good at the video store.


Uaillou: Hey Dad, can I go to the video store?

Boris: Yes, Uaillou but you have to go by yourself.

(at video store)

Macusoper: Dad! I said I wanted Madeline in London!

Macusoper's dad: Macusoper, stop being a brat! You can either have Madeline and the Gypsies or nothing at all!

Macusoper: I don't want Madeline and the Gypsies! I want Madeline in London! I don't want Miss Spider!

Macusoper's dad: Enough of that! Now Uaillou is staring at us!

Macusoper: That's it! I'm going to throw Madeline and the Gypsies and break it!

(Macusoper breaks video)

Macusoper's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Macusoper, how dare you destroy Madeline and the Gypsies! That's it we're going home now!

Uaillou: Dad, why are you here?

Boris: I heard that Macusoper is grounded for throwing a tantrum in the video store. Anyway, what would you like?

Uaillou: I'll have Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever.

Doris: Thank you. You are now ungrounded.