Warren Cook-Ivy






Devious Diesel-Wise Guy

Diesel 10-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Mayor Humdinger-Dallas

Lord Business-Simon


I really want to go to Castles and Coasters but Warren, Dora, Gianna, Wiley, Dave, Devious Diesel from Thomas and Friends, Diesel 10 from Thomas and Friends, Mayor Humdinger from PAW Patrol, and Lord Business from the Lego Movie make me run late.


Me: Troublemakers, we're going to Castles and Coasters in Phoenix, Arizona because I want to go there as well as my friends Kumi Crystal and Lily Stewart so let's go.

Warren: But we don't want to go.

Dora: We'd rather watch movies.

Kumi: Too bad, Warren Cook and Dora Marquez! We're going and that's final!

Lily: Now on the bus!

Gianna: Can we go to Burger King?

Me: No, Gianna! We're not going to Burger King but there's snacks at the amusement park!

Gianna: But I'm hungry.

Me: Fine but Kumi do your stuff!

(at Burger King)

Kumi: Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! 

Wiley: Don't rush us. We're getting our stuff.

Andrette: Can we stop at WalMart?

Me: Fine Andrette Clark but this is our last stop!

Ricardo: Yes, I got what I needed.

Devious Diesel: Same here.

Diesel 10: Me too.

Me: It's good to hear that Ricardo, Devious Diesel and Diesel 10.

(after many excuses, we reached it)

Lily: We finally made it but Castles and Coasters is closed.

Kumi: It must have closed at 8:30 PM.

Me: Let me check the time. It's 9:00! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! We're 30 minutes late! That's it! We're going home right now!

(on bus, which looks like a subway)

Me: Troublemakers, stop crying like babies! It's all your faults so be quiet!

Mayor Humdinger: But all we wanted to do was see movies. That's why we had to make you late.

Me: No! The reason you had to come with us was because we wanted to go there but no! You installed us! When we got there, Castles and Coasters was closed! We had to leave!

Lord Business: But we're really really really really really really sorry. Can we at least watch movies at home?

Me: No! All of you have ruined our day! Also, I didn't get to ride on any of the rides!

Kumi: Even if you apologize, it still won't work!

Lily: I agree!

Me: Same here! You also are grounded for six weeks!

(at home)

Kumi: I'm so sorry.

Me: Kumi, you don't have to be sorry because it wasn't your fault. I should have told the troublemakers no but I couldn't. 

Lily: I understand.

Lily: How about we go to Las Vegas, that's a great place to go!

Kumi: Las Vegas.

Me: Wow, Lily, you totally cheered us up!

Kumi: let's pack then go to the airport.

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