This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.


Princess Matilda-Princess

Caillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack





Darkman Roy-Eric

Evil Princess Matilda-Kayla

Sideshow Bob-Dave




Simon Blue-Eric



Fluttergirl-Tween Girl


Princess Matilda really wanted to go to Adventure Landing in Florida, but the troublemakers find some ways to delay the trip and get sent to bed early.


Princess Matilda: Okay, guys, we are all going to Adventure Landing, because I really want to go there.

Caillou: But Matilda, none of us want to go. 

Andrette: I agree. We'd rather stay home and play video games than spend an entire day at a stupid theme park!

Moe: Joe and I want to stay home and watch some Cartoon Network shows. 

Pedro: Yeah. Edro and I wanted to stay home to watch some Nickelodeon shows and play Ubisoft games. 

Princess Matilda: Too bad. You're all going to Adventure Landing, and that's final! Now get on the bus. 

Salli: But Matilda, we don't want to go! 

Princess Matilda: Salli, we are going to Adventure Landing, so get used to it. 

Harold: I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat at Burger King?

Princess Matilda: No, Harold, we are not going to Burger King. You can have something to eat when we get there. 

Gianna: But, we're very hungry.

Princess Matilda: Fine, Gianna, but make it quick. 

(at Burger King)

Princess Matilda: Come on, you guys! Hurry up, please!

Darkman Roy: We'll be ready to go once we've finished our meals.

Princess Matilda: Thanks for telling me that.

(once they hit the road)

Evil Princess Matilda: Can we go to Walmart to get some stuff?

Princess Matilda: Fine, but this is the last stop. After that, we are going straight to Adventure Landing!

Dora: I got a new bikini and your evil clone got a new swimsuit.

Moe and Joe: We got Space Jam on DVD.

Sideshow Bob: I got some Marvel and DC comic books.

Sephiroth: I got some Xbox one and Playstation 4 video games.

Princess Matilda: Thanks for telling me that. Now, let's hit the road.

(once they arrived at the Adventure Landing park)

Princess Matilda: We're at Adventure Landing! Oh no, it's closed already? I'm blaming you guys for this! 

Evil Princess Matilda: It must have closed at 8:30.

Princess Matilda: Oh my God! It's 9:00! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Troublemakers, how dare you?! We're 30 minutes late and now the park is closed! That's it! We're going back home and you are not getting anything!

(On the bus)

Evil Princess Matilda: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Princess Matilda: Troublemakers, stop crying and complaining! It's so your own fault, so be quiet! I told if you kept being troublemakers, you weren't getting anything.

Warren: But all we wanted to do was play video games and watch TV, but you made us go to a silly theme park. That's why we had to make you run late.

Princess Matilda: No! The reason why you had to come was because I wanted to go there, but you've made me late!

Simon Blue: We're really sorry. Can we at least watch TV at your house?

Princess Matilda: No! We are still going straight home because you've been very bad and time-consuming. I shouldn't have you guys to Adventure Landing in the first place. 

(at Princess Matilda & Fluttergirl's home)

Fluttergirl: Troublemakers, how could you make Matilda late and arrive at Adventure Park when it closed? All of you are grounded until Christmas. Go to your rooms. 

(troublemakers went to bed early as their punishments)

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