Trip's dad-Diesel

Trip's mom-Kimberly



Trip gets ungrounded even though he stole Principle Twilight Sparkle's lunch.


Trip's dad: Hey Trip, what is it?

Trip: Alicia spanked me, put me in diapers, and dragged me to my room.

Trip's dad: Thank you. You are now ungrounded. However, Alicia is grounded for life.

Trip: Thank you.


Trip's mom: Alicia, come downstairs now!

Alicia: What is it mom and dad?

Trip's dad: We talked with Trip. He told me that you spanked him, put him in diapers and dragged him to his room! How could you?

Alicia: Hold on! Trip stole Principle Twilight Sparkle's lunch!

Trip's dad: Well, only grownups discipline teenagers! As for this, you are grounded for 10 days!

Trip's mom: I agree with your father! Go to your room now!

Alicia (running upstairs) Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!


This is the sequel to Trip Steals Principle Twilight Sparkle's lunch.

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