Tommy's dad/Derek-Brian, Scary Voice

Tommy's mom/Zara-Princess, Veena



Tommy's grandfather/Zara's dad-Diesel







Tommy's mom does not get what she wants.


Tommy: Hey, Dad?

Tommy's dad: What is it Tommy?

Tommy: Can we go to McDonald's?

Tommy's dad: Sure but your mother can't come unfortunately.

Tommy's mom: What? Are you leaving me out? You are joking!

Tommy's dad: Zara, this is not a joke! The last time we went there, you gave the kid who ordered the last Oreo McFlurry and slapped his face! His mother nearly sued us!

Tommy's mom: But Derek and Tommy, I will be a good wife.

Tommy: Fine but this is going out of your allowance!

(at Burger King)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Tommy: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets and a milkshake.

Tommy's dad: I'll have the same order my son is having.

Tommy's mom: I want 20 chicken nuggets, large fries, a Coke an an Oreo McFlurry.

Clerk: Sorry but there are no more Oreo McFlurries  Why don't you try a soft serve cone?

Tommy's mom: What?

Tommy's dad: He is offering you a soft serve cone because there are no more Oreo McFlurries.


Tommy's dad: Keep it down! You are in a restaurant!

Tommy's mom (Veena's voice): THAT'S IT! I WILL DESTROY THIS RESTAURANT!


Tommy's dad (Scary Voice): OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH! ZARA, HOW COULD YOU! THAT'S IT! YOU ARE GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED! (normal voice) And when we go back, we will watch the news!

(at home)

Tommy's dad: Oh yeah! You are definitely standing!

Tommy's mom: But...

Tommy's dad (Simon's voice): STAND!

Karen: Hello, I'm Karen with the news. If you're wondering what's different about me, I got my old voice back because some viewers might make fun of my voice being Lawrence and I also feel that way when reporting the news. Anyway, a mother named Zara didn't get what she wanted and destroyed Burger King. With me is the clerk. Tell me what happened.

Clerk: Well, there were no more Oreo McFlurries for this mother so she went ballistic and destroyed McDonald's. She's going to have to pay a $750 fine!

(cuts to the office where Tommy's grandfather works)

Boss: Diesel Dawson, get over here right now!

Tommy's grandfather: What is it boss?

Boss: Diesel Dawson, I just watched the news that your daughter Zara has to pay a $750 fine! You're fired! Go home now!

Tommy's grandfather: I'm going to have a stern word with her before I go back home!

(at home)

Tommy's dad: Zara, I can't believe we have to pay $750 due to the damages you caused at McDonald's! Also, your father just came back from work and he needs to talk to you!

Tommy's grandfather: Zara, how dare you destroy McDonald's! Now I got fired thanks to you! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded and for that, I will ask your husband to break up with you!

(in church where Erika, and Annabelle are)

Priest: So Diesel, Derek, Zara and Tommy, why are you here?

Tommy's grandfather: My daughter just destroyed McDonald's all because she couldn't get what she wanted!

Priest: Derek and Zara, you are divorced.

Erika: This is what you get for destroying McDonald's!

Annabelle: I agree with Erika! Now Wave is going to kill you with a dagger, Wave the Swallow, kill Zara!

(Wave appears)

Wave: Time to die!

(at Tommy's house)

Tommy's dad: Well, it looks like I have to find someone else to marry.

Tommy: I agree.