Tom's dad-Brian

Tom's mom-Salli



Slippy V-Professor




Shawn Brunner-Steven






B.B. Jammies-Shy Girl


WSP means Warren-Style punishments. Anyway, Tom escapes Wellington, New Zealand and is punished by lots of visitors.


(after flying on a plane)

Tom: Home sweet home.

Now that I'm home, I will make the opening to Home 1988 made by Disney Real Not Fake.

(15 minutes later)

Tom: Yes, I made the opening.

Tom's dad: Tom, did I hear you escaped Wellington, New Zealand?

Tom's mom: What else did you do?

Tom: I made the opening to Home 1988 made by Disney Real Not Fake.

Tom's mom: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Tom, that opening is fake! Home didn't come out in 1988! It came out in 2015 and that movie was made by DreamWorks, not Disney! That's it! I will call some people on the phone!

(15 minutes later)

Tom's mom: They're here!

LouieLouie95: This is LouieLouie95 and I'm angry at you for escaping Wellington, New Zealand!

Caroline0204: I'm Caroline0204 and I hate your fake VHS openings!

Slippy V: I'm Slippy V! Home came out in 2015!

NathanDesignerBoy7: NathanDesignerBoy7 here and Home wasn't made by Disney!

RocketPowerGal24: This is RocketPowerGal24 and you should have stayed in New Zealand than defied your punishment!

Caillou: I'm Caillou! You will be forced to my shows 24/7!

Tom's nom: You heard them so...

Caillou: Salli, someone else is here to see your son!

Tom's mom: Who?

Caillou: Shawn Brunner! He is stuck in traffic and is running a little late!

(Shawn Brunner arrives)

Shawn Brunner: Sorry I'm late! This is me, Shawn Brunner! You will wear diapers as your punishment!

Tom's mom: You heard them so watch the shows the visitors told you to watch or else you will get sent back to Wellington!

Tom: Silence! I wish you all were dead!

Tom's mom: Tom, how dare you wish us we're all dead? That's it! The Save-Ums are going to beat you up!

Jazzi: Time to die!

(Robbie Rotten then hides the Save-Ums beating up Tom)

Robbie Rotten: Don't let your kids watch it!


This is the sequel to Taylor yells at Tom and gets ungrounded.

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