Toby's dad-Paul

Toby's mom-Amy

Noah (mentioned)

Odette (mentioned)


This is the sequel to Noah Misbehaves on the Way to the Movies.


Noah: Toby, your brother Noah just told me that you grounded me for a stupid reason!

Toby: You don't understand. I grounded you because you made me and Odette late for the movies and I was in charge of you.

Toby's dad: It doesn't matter! Only we can ground you, not Noah! Due to this, you are grounded grounded grounded until Summer!

Noah: you're not getting your Viacom, Ubisoft, Marvel . Stuff Back.

Toby's Dad: Tommorrow is your punishment day.

Toby's mom: Now go to your room now!

Toby (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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