Good Dora-Kayla

Good Caillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Good Pedro-Kimberly

Good Edro-Young Guy

Good Gage-Kimberly

Good Warren-Brian

Alan Cook-Alan

Bad Warren-Shy Girl



Non-troublemakers are actually good versions of bad users (i.e Good Gage, Good Warren, etc.) Anyway, these users do well on the way to Jurassic World. Since the good Warren is in the group, he can watch anything made by Disney unlike the bad Warren (with the exception of Warren Behaves on the way to Big Hero 6).


Mickeymcguinness7: Okay, non-troublemakers, we're going to see Jurassic World because I want to watch it.

Good Dora: I love it.

Good Caillou: Me too.

Good Pedro: Me 3.

Good Edro: Me 4.

Good Gage: Me 5.

Good Warren: And me 6, but I have a question. Is this movie made by Disney?

Mickeymcguinness7: Yes it is but since you're the good Warren, you are allowed to watch stuff made by Disney and your voice will remain as Brian. The bad version of you can't watch anything made by Disney and his voice will stay as Shy Girl forever. So let's go.

(on bus)

Good Dora: We're the best good users ever.

(at Warren's house)

Bad Warren: Oh no! My impostor gets to watch something made by Disney.

Alan Cook: That's right, Warren! Only the good Warren gets to watch anything made by Disney!

(back on bus)

Good Warren: I also make openings to Disney Movies that are real.

(at movie theatre)

Manager: Welcome to the movie theatre. I see you got the good Warren by your side.

Mickeymcguinness7: We would like seven tickets to see Jurassic World.

Manager: That movie is made by Disney but since you have the good Warren, he can watch it.

Good Warren: Yeah! I can watch anything made by Disney! I will terminate the bad side of me from Youtube!

(at room)

Mickeymcguinness7: Thank you all for behaving on the way. You are the best impostors of any troublemaker I've ever seen.

Good Warren: I know but on the bright side, the bad version of me won't be doing anything made by Disney because the site is blocked by Fortiguard.


At the end, the good Warren brings up a part from Fortiguard filters on Warren's computer and gets ungrounded.

This is the third time people behave on the way to a movie.

This is also the first time the good Warren Cook is present as well of good versions of other troublemakers.

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