Doctor's dad-Alan

New Villain-Ivy, Jennifer

Sadness-Shy Girl



Pilot-Wise Guy


The doctor gets sent to Scotland for tricking New Villain.


Doctor's dad: Doctor, get over here right now!

Doctor: What is it?

Doctor's dad: I just got a call from your boss! She told me you tricked New Villain by changing her voice to Ivy when she really wanted Jennifer! How could you?

Doctor: But Dad, it was supposed to be a harmless prank.

Doctor's dad: No! You know you should always take your operations seriously! Before we leave, change New Villain's voice!

(New Villain arrives)

New Villain: Change my voice now!

Doctor: Okay.

New Villain (now speaking in Jennifer's voice): That's much better! Don't ever trick me again!

Doctor's dad: You are grounded for life and as for your punishment, we are going to the airport and you will be sent to Scotland! Get in the car right now!

(at airport)

Sadness: Please Joy! I don't want to go to Scotland! I really didn't mean to make Riley cry in school!

Joy: Too bad, Sadness! This is what you get for touching the core memories and yes, you did mean to make Riley cry in school! You will stay in Scotland forever!

Guard: Your plane is ready.

(Doctor is on plane)

Pilot: We're about to take off so please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

(12 hours later)

Pilot: Welcome to Scotland.

(in Scotland)

Doctor (guilty): Now I went a bit too far. It looks like I'm staying in Scotland forever.


This is the sequel to New Villain Gets Voice Surgery and Gets Grounded.

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