Ivy's dad-Diesel

Ivy's mom-Kate

News Anchor-Professor

Mrs. Patterson-Amy

Stephanie Gavin-Kendra

Lucy McCall-Susan

Construction Worker-Dallas

Police Officer-Salli


This picks up from where Eric gets grounded for destroying Co. Route 56.


Ivy: Mom and Dad.

Ivy's dad: What's wrong Ivy? Why are you up late at night? Is that about your brothers killing Barney again?

Ivy: No. It's not that. I feel terrible for my brother Eric.

Ivy's mom: What is it then?

Ivy: I wish Eric weren't in more trouble because there's news about what happened.

Ivy's dad: Let's watch the news so you can feel better.

(news intro plays)

News Anchor: We interrupt this program that there was a major incident in County Route 56. No one was hurt but a teacher has to say her side of the story, Mrs. Patterson. Tell me what happened?

Mrs. Patterson: Well, I was taking Eric to Minesink Valley High School until County Route 56 was closed. Then, Eric got mad and started throwing the roadblocks everywhere. I suggested him that we can go down Post Road instead but he rejected it. That's all I have to say.

News Anchor: Thank you Mrs. Patterson. I hope you feel better soon.

With me, I have a construction worker who witnessed this incident. Tell me what happened.

Construction Worker: I was trying to fix County Route 56 until Eric screamed at his teacher demanding to go down that road. That was even worse when another victim beat me up when I was trying to fix the bus stop.

News Anchor: Thanks for telling me that. I have two more victims: Stephanie Gavin and Lucy McCall.

Tell me what happened.

Stephanie Gavin: Well, we were on the same bus Eric took because we were also going to the Minesink Valley High School. We couldn't make it because Eric freaked out all because County Route 56 was closed. 

Lucy McCall: As Eric went crazy and destroyed the detour and road closed sign, he nearly destroyed part of the construction site. Thanks to him, we had to be delayed all because of Eric.

News Anchor: Thanks Stephanie and Lucy. I have a police officer who is going to talk about the investigation.

Police Officer: So far, there has been a disaster on County Road 56. The construction vehicles are damaged, the lights are shattered and I see an excavator tearing up part of a house. There are two Road Closed signs and a detour sign from the broken roadblocks. 

New Anchor: More news coming after the break.

(news ends)

Ivy: What if Eric gets arrested?

Ivy's dad: Ivy, it is possible that Eric might get arrested.

Ivy: No no no no no! How could he? First, he destroyed KFC and now County Route 56!

Ivy's mom: It's okay. I'm sure he will watch Barney.

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