Shawn Brunner-Steven

Lily Bunny-Ivy

Dylan (mentioned)

Dylan's mom (mentioned)

Police Officer-Dallas


This picks up where Dylan Goes to Japan While Grounded left off of.


Shawn Brunner: I got to get out of here.

(in the living room with Kate McCarthy dead)

Shawn Brunner: Kate McCarthy is dead. Lily, why are you here?

Lily Bunny: I can't leave. I'm too shy.

Shawn Brunner: There was a dead body I just discovered. The cause of the 1812 Overture Explosion was done by Dylan Arthur McCarthy all because his mom met him in Japan. Dylan should know that his mom loves him very much.

Lily Bunny: I know Shawn Brunner. Let's call the police to make sure we're safe.

Police Officer: Officer Dallas here.

Lily Bunny: I called to say that we're safe.

(sometime later)

Shawn Brunner: Will Dylan regret that he killed his own mother?

Lily Bunny: I think so Shawn Brunner but we're glad to know that Kate went to Heaven.


This is the sequel to Dylan Goes to Japan and gets Grounded.

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