Taylor Jolicoeur-Steven, Salli

Eric Jolicoeur-Eric


Sadness-Shy Girl



After Susan Johnson changed Taylor Jolicoeur's voice to Steven, her husband Eric and her went to the hospital.


Eric Jolicoeur: Taylor, what's wrong?

Taylor Jolicoeur: Susan Johnson escaped jail and when I was about to give her punishments she changed my voice from Salli to Steven! I want my voice changed back to Salli! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Eric Jolicoeur: Don't worry, Taylor we will go to the hospital to change your voice to Salli.

(at hospital) Doctor: The doctor is here.

Eric Jolicoeur: Can you change my wife's voice?

Doctor: Okay. What voice would you like Taylor's voice to be?

Eric Jolicoeur: Salli.

Taylor Jolicoeur (now speaking in Salli's voice): Hooray! My voice is back to Salli! Thank you!

Eric Jolicoeur: Don't mention it.


This is the sequel to Adrianna's mom escapes jail and gets WSP.

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