Sue - Millie

Wilt - Eric

Courtney - kayla

Courtney's dad - diesel, scary voice

Sue's dad - Alan

Frankie - Julie

Mr. Herriman - Diesel

Monroe (mentioned)


Sue gets in so much trouble for getting fat at McDonald's. Meanwhile, her dad forced her to do anything not made by Cartoon Network.


Sue: I will go to McDonald's.

(at McDonald's where courtney from total drama is eating)


Courtney: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sue: Who are you?

Clerk: I'm Wilt from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Since Monroe is gone with his girlfriend, I decided to work as a clerk for McDonald's. Anyways, what can I get you?

Sue: I will have 100 chicken nuggets.

Clerk: Here you go.

Sue: That was delicious.

(Sue eventually gets fat due to eating much food at McDonald's)

Sue: Oh no! I am fat! now i will be punished when i get home!

Mr. Herriman: Wilt, you are fired for getting one of your customers fat!

Clerk: But, Boss I...

Mr. Herriman: No buts! Leave already before I will call the police!

(at Sue's home)

Sue's dad: Sue, how dare you go to McDonald's, and get fat, you know that is bad for your health! That's it! You are grounded until January 2018! Go to your room now, and you will not do anything not made by Cartoon Network, you will not go on computer, you will not be coming with us to see The Lego Ninjago Movie when it comes out in theaters, and you will not go anywhere else except for school and fitness centers!

(in Sue's room)

Sue: I wonder what Wilt will say.

(The Next Day at Sue's school)

Wilt: What is Wrong With You Sue! You just got me fired from McDonald's and not only that! I also got grounded without anything made by Cartoon Network! And Courtney also got grounded because she ate here, and tomorrow, I'll give her warren styled punishments

Sue: of course, but I'll be your boyfriend

Wilt: okay then

Frankie: You just hurt Wilt's feelings! Before we wrap up this video, I just want to give everyone a warning about eating at fast food places. Remember to eat a healthy meal like fish, fruits, and vegetables. 


Toward the end, Frankie warns the viewers who are watching the grounded video that too much fast food places are not healthy for them, and that the listeners should have warned to eat healthy foods like Fruits and Vegetables more often!

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