Stephanie's mom-Kate

Stephanie's dad-Diesel


Delaney's mom-Kimberly


Stephanie gets ungrounded.


Stephanie: Hey Mom?

Stephanie's mom: What is it Stephanie?

Stephanie: Can I go to the movies?

Stephanie's mom: Yes, you can.

Stephanie: Thanks and by the way, I'm going to meet someone who's a different color to me.

Stephanie's mom: If she wants to go to the movies, let her come but if she gets grounded, don't worry. You won't get grounded because you let us know.

Stephanie: Okay.


Stephanie: Oh my God! Who are you?

Delaney: I'm Delaney.

Stephanie: You are a different color to me. Anyway, I'm Stephanie and I'm going to the movies.

Delaney: I want to go too.

Stephanie: Okay.

(at movies)

Andrea: Why are there two different color versions of Stephanie?

Delaney: I'm not Stephanie. I'm Delaney.

Andrea: Oh.

Delaney: Bye Stephanie.

Stephanie: By Delaney.

(at Delaney's house)

Delaney's mom: Delaney, where were you?

Delaney: I met a girl called Stephanie and we went to the movies.

Delaney's mom: Delaney, how dare you go to the movies with Stephanie without letting me know? That's it! You are grounded for six weeks! Go to your room now!

(at Stephanie's house)

Stephanie's mom: Thank God, you're here. Where were you?

Stephanie: I met a girl named Delaney and we went to the movies. 

Stephanie's mom: Stephanie, thank you for letting us know first before you went to the movies with Delaney. You are ungrounded 100 times Delaney's grounding time meaning you're ungrounded for 600 weeks. You can watch Barney anytime you like.

Stephanie: How did you know I liked Barney?

Stephanie's dad: Because since you felt bad for killing him, we gave you a Barney plush doll.

Stephanie: I love you. This reminds me. I love you. You love me. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too?


This is the second time two people met but only the second person was grounded while the first person was ungrounded.