Inter Dimensional Monster-Scary Voice


Dexter's dad-Steven

Dexter's mom-Kate

Dee-Dee (mentioned)

Stephanie's dad-Diesel

Stephanie's mom-Kate


Stephanie Gavin gets ungrounded for killing the Inter Dimensional Monster from Dexter's Laboratory.


Stephanie: I wonder what's on TV.

(15 minutes later)

Stephanie: Oh no! The Inter Dimensional Monster is going to eat Dexter so he can't remember his future! I must kill the monster before he eats Dexter!

(in lab)

Inter Dimensional Monster: Any last words Dexter?

Stephanie (off-screen): Put Dexter down!

Inter Dimensional Monster: Who said that?

Stephanie: It's Stephanie Margaret Gavin and I have a gun, which I'm not afraid to use!

Inter Dimensional Monster: What are you going to do with it?

Stephanie: Kill you!

(Monster is dead)

Stephanie: Yes! I killed the monster!

(in living room)

Dexter's dad: Stephanie, thank you for killing the Inter Dimensional Monster. Thanks to you, you saved our son from being eaten. 

Dexter's mom: Go home while we call your parents.

Dexter: No! How could you? I only created that monster only for it to eat DeeDee! It took me 10 hours for me to create it! Stephanie should be grounded for that!

Dexter's dad: Shut up Dexter! That monster was too dangerous to be in the house!

Dexter's mom: You are grounded for trying to get revenge on your sister DeeDee!

Dexter: But Mom and Dad, I can explain! All I wanted the monster to do was eat DeeDee but my plan backfired! It had some kind of glitch!

Dexter's dad: It doesn't matter! Go to your room now!

Dexter (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dexter's mom: Now to call your parents.

(at home)

Stephanie's dad: Stephanie, thank you for killing the Inter Dimensional Monster. Dexter is in trouble for trying to get revenge on his sister. You are now ungrounded.

Stephanie's mom: You can do whatever you want.

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