This continues on where Stephanie stole popcorn 3,000,000,000,000 years ago. She is old and grey so her voice is Vixen. She does not want to be old and grey so she makes herself young again and changes her voice back to Kendra.


Stephanie: Oh no. I can't believe I stole popcorn three billion years ago. I am old and grey. I don't want my voice to be Vixen. I got it. I will make myself young.

(at hospital)

Doctor: What is it Stephanie?

Stephanie: I want to be young again.

Doctor: Okay.

(Stephanie's hair is not grey and she is once again 17 years old)

Stephanie: Thank you doctor but can you change my voice back to Kendra?

Doctor: Of course.

Stephanie (speaking in Kendra's voice): Now I am back to the way I was before.

(at home)

Dad: Stephanie why aren't you old like us?

Stephanie: I really like the way I was before I stole the popcorn. I really don't like it when my voice is Vixen.

Dad: I know but why do you have a dot with a curved line under it on your stomach?

Stephanie: That's just my belly button. I got it at the doctor's office when I realized my friends had belly buttons but me.

Mom: I know that you want to be yourself. Since being young is the way you want to be, you are not grounded.

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