Travel Agent-Dallas

Pilot-Wise Guy


Just a little "I See London I See France" remake where Rocko and Heifer escape from France by plane. Anyway, Sophie sees Leon and tries to marry her. However, she is caught by Krista. They escape to the airport. Outside the plane, Krista is riding a bus telling Sophie to get back her boyfriend. However, the plane is going too fast. Krista screams at the top of her lungs as the plane takes off in the sunset.


Sophie: Hey Leon.

Leon: What is it Sophie?

Sophie: Can we get married?

Leon: Sure.

Krista: Stop it! What are you doing with my boyfriend?

Sophie: I think we got to get out of here!

(Sophie and Leon run away)

Krista: Stop it boyfriend thief! Get back here with my boyfriend!

(at airport)

Sophie: We would like a ticket for Los Angeles.

Leon: That would be great.

(on plane)

Sophie: Isn't this the best ever?

Leon: Yes. That is the best.

Pilot: Flight attendants. Please prepare for take off.

(plane takes off on runway)

(Krista comes in on bus furious)

Krista (Kidaroo's voice): Give me back my boyfriend!

(plane takes off)

(Krista runs off the bus to see that the plane has already taken off)



When Krista screamed after the plane took off, it was a sound clip from the episode "I See London I See France" when the guide screamed.

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