SallyJones1998 is a bad and very horrible user. She likes most shows made for babies, except for the Save-Ums because they're sometimes troublemakers.

bio for SallyJones1998Edit

  • Born: August 10.
  • Age: 4.
  • Voiced by: Julie.
  • Likes: Baby Shows (Except for Peppa Pig, The Save-Ums and Bindi The Jungle Girl), making grounded videos out of the Save-Ums
  • Dislikes: The Lion King, getting grounded, Fruits and Vegetables, 1940's, getting sent to the 1940's, getting sent to the Armistice Day Storm of 1940, Woody Woodpecker (especially the early version of him), getting suspended from school, getting in trouble with Sarah West and Sophie the Otter, Bindi The Jungle Girl (2007-2008), Disney movies, 20th Century Fox, Illumination Entertainment, Universal, Inuyasha, Shimajiro, Dragon Ball Z, Peppa Pig, Hamtaro, Men In Black Trilogy, Sega and Nintendo, The Save-Ums (because they're bad users)