Ryan-Emma, Kidaroo

Ryan's mom (Candace)-Kimberly

Ryan's dad (Monroe)-Steven


Sarah West-Karen

1940 Woody Woodpecker-Brian




Fievel-Shy Girl

Shawn Brunner-Steven


Krimzon Guards-Dallas


Ryan didn't get what he wanted at McDonald's, so he caused a Grand Theft Auto rampage at that place and caused fire breakout at McDonald's! and Ryan got sent to the Baron's Fortress for the consequences he caused!


Ryan: Hey Mom?

Ryan's mom (Candace): What is it, Ryan?

Ryan: Can we go to McDonald's today because I am hungry?

Ryan's mom (Candace): No.

Ryan: But Mom! I am hungry, so let's go to McDonald's today!

Ryan's mom (Candace): Ryan, I said no! We are not going to McDonald's today because we are going to have Post Fruity Pebbles cereal!

Ryan: I Want McDonald's (40 times)

Ryan's mom (Candace): For the Last Time, Ryan! We are going to have Post Fruity Pebbles cereal and that's final! If you throw a fit one more time, then you will go to bed early without any Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and Dessert!

Monroe (off-screen): Candace, I don't have any more boxes of Post Fruity Pebbles cereal left for Ryan. So, you can take Ryan to McDonald's

Ryan's mom (Candace): Did you hear that? Dad says he doesn't have any boxes of Post Fruity Pebbles cereal. this means we can go to McDonald's. come on, get in the car!

(when Candace takes Ryan to McDonald's)

McDonald's Clerk: Welcome to McDonald's! What can I get you?

Ryan's mom (Candace): I would like to have 10 Chicken McNuggets, French Fries, Coca Cola, and 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ryan: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets, large fries, and an Oreo McFlurry.

McDonald's Clerk: I'm sorry to say this, but we don't have anymore Oreo McFlurries. 

Ryan: What? Please tell me you are joking

McDonald's Clerk: Don't feel bad, little boy. How about a soft serve cone instead?


(everyone shocks in horror, and gasping)

Candace: Ryan, stop acting like a spoiled brat, and we don't ever use any kind of bad language or profanity out in public like that! You can either have a soft serve cone the guy is offering you sincerely, or we will go home and put you to bed early without your breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper, and dessert! Hey, where are you going? You better not steal something, or else you could get arrested by The Krimzon Guards from Jak 2 and lock you in the Baron's Fortress!

(Sarah West and Woody Woodpecker walks into McDonald's when Ryan is stealing a gun)

Sarah West: Um, 1940 Woody Woodpecker, I Think Now is the Best Time to get out of here, we better run away before Ryan causes trouble!

1940 Woody Woodpecker: Yes! things are starting to get worse for Ryan, someone will have to call the Krimzon Guards to take Ryan away to the Baron's Fortress from Jak 2!

(Ryan eventually stoles a gun from a customer)

McDonald's Customer: Ryan! That gun is mine, so give it back to me right now, and also, you are too young to use that gun!

(Censored due to the domestic violence that is used in the video)


LouieLouie95: Ouch! My leg!

Fievel: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Shawn Brunner: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Alison: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sarah West: (Crying & Weeping in tears)

Kooky Von Koopa: You are hurting Sarah West!

(Everyone screams and runs away very fast in Panic after Ryan caused a 6 star Grand Theft Auto rampage at the Local McDonald's restaurant, and setting McDonald's on fire)

Candace: Ryan, you are in big trouble right now! You are not only Grounded until September with No TV, no Video Games, No Computer, No Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and Dessert, no Toys, & Further more, but, I'm also calling the Krimzon Guards to take you to the Baron's Fortress from Jak 2 to teach you a strong, strict, painful, and severe lesson about setting places on fire and causing trouble in public!

(after Candace calls the Krimzon Guards to arrest Ryan for starting a 6 star Grand Theft Auto rampage at the local McDonald's restaurant, The Krimzon Guards come there and arrested Ryan)

Krimzon Guard #1: Ryan, did you know that we arrested you because you caused an blazing inferno & a 6 star Grand Theft Auto rampage at McDonald's, and now, we have arrested you for the crimes you have commited!

Ryan: I'm very sorry for what I did was wrong.

Krimzon Guard #2: Your apologies are not accepted right now! When we get to the Baron's Fortress, we will lock you in your cell!

(When The Krimzon Guards takes Ryan away to his prison cell in the Baron's Fortress)

Krimzon Guard #1: Ryan, this is your cell, you are never allowed to go anywhere at all until September when you start school again! Stay in the cell in the Baron's Fortress!

Ryan: (Darth Vader No Soundclip)

(At the hospital)

Allison: I Can't believe Ryan should be a bad boy!

Fluttergirl: We were so worried about you!

Allison: Thanks!

Shawn Brunner's Mom:

(Sarah West is crying in another hospital room, her day is doomed thanks to Ryan's horrible behavior at McDonald's)

(1940 Woody Woodpecker walks up with his lantern, is worried for poor Sarah West who is crying in the stump of the tree)

1940 Woody Woodpecker: Sarah West, I'm sorry about what happened at McDonald's, it was really Ryan's fault! His mother should never take him anywhere again until September when Ryan starts School again!

Sarah West (weeping in tears): No, 1940 Woody Woodpecker, Ryan ruined everything for me, and everyone else, and now there is nothing left to believe in, nothing! (begins to cry again)

1940 Woody Woodpecker: I know right, Sarah West! We should have gone to McDonald's earlier right before Ryan ruined everything at that place for you and everyone else!

Sarah West (crying): Is there something else to do right now because it is the evening, 1940 Woody Woodpecker?

1940 Woody Woodpecker (Smiles to cheer Sarah West up): Well, Sarah West, tell you what? We will watch The Secret of NIMH (1982) on DVD at your house in Weymouth, Massachusetts! And we will eat dinner at Olive Garden as well!

Sarah West (smiles): Thank you, 1940 Woody Woodpecker, you just made me think about it now!

(1940 Woody Woodpecker and Sarah West hugs at each other)

Sarah West: Let's get some dinner to eat at Olive Garden and watch the Secret of NIMH (1982) on DVD at my house in Weymouth, Massachusetts then! and also, thank you for the help!

1940 Woody Woodpecker: No problem at all, let's go, Sarah West!

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