Rosie-Ivy, Kendra


Rosie's punishment is she gets her voice changed to Kendra.


Caillou: What's wrong, Dad and Mom?

Doris: Caillou, we just got a phone call telling the sad news of Mr. Hinkle.

Boris: We would like you to come and we'd expect to be on your best behavior.

Caillou: Okay.

Rosie: Rosie's mad!

Caillou: Is it because I misbehaved at your tea party?

Rosie: No! Rosie hates funerals! Rosie don't want to go!

Boris: Rosie, first of all stop speaking in third person and second of all, you have to go!

Doris: Go there or you're grounded!

(in car)

Rosie: Rosie's mad! Rosie's mad! Rosie's mad! Stop the car!

Boris: We are not stopping the car! We're going to Mr. Hinkle's funeral whether you like it or not!

Rosie: Rosie wants McDonald's!

Doris: We are not having McDonald's but you can have some snacks after the ceremony!

Rosie: But Rosie's hungry!

Doris: Fine! We will get some snacks!

(after countless interruptions, they finally made it)

(Shepherd Me O God playing in church)

Boris: Oh great! We're already late for the funeral! All we wanted to do was go to Mr. Hinkle's funeral but no! You installed us! The final hymn is being sung!

(church bells ring)

Boris: Oh no! The funeral has ended! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Rosie, how dare you! Let's go home now!

(at home)

Boris: Since you made us late for the funeral, you are grounded grounded grounded! You are grounded for one billion two hundred thirty-four million five hundred sixty-seven thousand eight hundred ninety centuries! As for your punishment, we will change your voice to Kendra!

Rosie (Kendra's voice): No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! My voice is Kendra! I sound like Noodle!

Doris: That's right! You'll sound like Noodle for the rest of your life! Go to your room now!

Rosie (running upstairs): (Kendra's voice) I hate you Dad and Mom! I hope I can call the Save-Ums to attack you!

Boris: And for saying you hate me, you are grounded for 50 bonus years!


  • Rosie speaks in third person when her voice is Ivy, but when she gets it changed to Shy Girl, she speaks in first person.