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Clerk Lucy-Susan

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Like I mentioned in Eric smashes another VHS tape and gets grounded, Rosie's voice is now Kimberly because she is 12 years old and is too old for her voice to be Shy Girl. Anyway, Rosie goes to McDonald's and orders a lot of food.

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Rosie: I will go to McDonald's to eat something.

(at McDonald's)

Rosie: Lucy, why do you work here?

Clerk Lucy: Since I was grounded by my parents, that's why they had me run McDonald's. Anyway, what can I get you?

Rosie: I'll have 200 Chicken Nuggets, 400 fries, 600 cokes and 800 milkshakes.

Clerk Lucy: Here you go.

Rosie (after eating the food): That was good!

(she gets fat)

Rosie: Oh no, I'm fat! My parent will kill me!

(at home)

Dad: Rosie, how dare you go to McDonald's and get fat! That's it, you are grounded for six trillion years!

Mom: Go to your room now!