Characters Edit

  • Rosie - Ivy
  • Caillou - Dave
  • Mom - Julie
  • Dad - Eric
  • Clerk Lucy - Susan
  • Boss - Lawrence
  • Custard - Jennifer

Plot Edit

  • Like I mentioned in Eric smashes another VHS tape and gets grounded, Rosie's voice is now Kendra because she is 12 years old and is too old for her voice to be Ivy.
  • Anyway, Rosie goes to McDonald's, and orders a lot of food, but eats 200 Chicken Nuggets, 400 fries, 600 cokes, and 800 milkshakes until she gets really fat. At the end, at home, when Caillou and his parents see that Rosie is fat, they ground her for the rest of her life.
  • This will use Brandon Gold's Caillou, minecraft gamer pc 64's Boris, TalkingKittyFan EDCP VGCP's Doris, and Greenman 3000's Rosie.
  • As a result, Custard beats Rosie up for that.

Transcript Edit

  • Rosie: (walks over to McDonald's) My gosh. I'm starving. And since I haven't eaten anything for weeks, I will go to McDonald's to eat something.
  • (at McDonald's)
  • Clerk Lucy: Hello, Rosie. How may I take your order?
  • Rosie: So, Lucy, why do you work here?
  • Clerk Lucy: Since I was grounded by my parents, that's why they had me run McDonald's. Anyway, what can I get you?
  • Rosie: I'll have 200 Chicken Nuggets, 400 fries, 600 cokes, and 800 milkshakes.
  • Clerk Lucy: But, Rosie. You do realize that you're going to get seriously fat from eating all that food, right?
  • Rosie: No, I don't care. Just get and give me 200 Chicken Nuggets, 400 fries, 600 cokes, and 800 milkshakes anyway.
  • Clerk Lucy: Okay, Rosie, as you wish. Okay, here you go. Here are your 200 Chicken Nuggets, 400 fries, 600 cokes, and 800 milkshakes. Enjoy!
  • (Fruit Salad from the Wiggles song plays as Rosie eats all the food and gets fat from eating all of it)
  • Rosie (after eating the food): Wow. That was really good indeed! (gets too fat) (Princess's voice) Oh my gosh! I'm fat! (Kendra's Voice) Now Caillou and my parents will surely ground me. (walks home)
  • (at home, Caillou, Boris, and Doris walk in, but stop, and are sad, disgusted, and angry)
  • Caillou: Hey, Rosie. (shocked) Oh no! (disgusted) What in the world has happened to you?
  • Rosie: Well, as you can see, I went to McDonald's and ate too many chicken nuggets, fries, cokes, and milkshakes. I'm so sorry that I could not help it, and as you can see, eating food was so good and tasty. (Caillou gets angry, and as Boris gets disgusted, Doris sticks out her tongue)
  • Caillou: (Scary Voice) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Rosie, we can't believe that you got fat at McDonald's, you know that is bad for your health. That's it! You are in big trouble! You piece of gutter trash
  • Dad: That means No TV, No Video Games, No Radio, no toys, no computers, no fake VHS openings, no junk food, no restaurants, no Movies and Shows on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, or Laserdisc, no concerts, no theme parks, plus further more and so on,... for the whole summer!
  • Mom: now you will be on strict healthy diet, which means fruits and vegetables only, now go to bed and don't come out until we buy you fruits and vegetables that you will only eat until September, and we are not taking you to see The Emoji Movie when it comes out in theaters!
  • Dad: And for that, someone will beat you up! Do you know why he is? I'll give you a hint. He's the pilot of the Zoomer and takes the Save-Ums on the adventures.
  • Rosie: I don't want to be beaten up by Custard.
  • Mom: That's right. Custard is going to beat you up. Custard, beat Ivy up.
  • Custard: (appears) Prepare to be beaten up with my chainsaw.