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Caillou's mom-Julie

Caillou's dad-Eric

Plot Edit

Rosie is tired of her brother, Caillou, doing bad things to her so she chooses to get him arrested. She litters a doughnut and walks away. When Caillou sees the doughnut, a peeler (police officer) comes by and arrests Caillou. Caillou's parents see him in jail and ground him.

Transcript Edit

Rosie: I hate my brother Caillou. He keeps on doing mean stuff to me. First he pinched me. Second he scared me. Third he woke me up when I was going to sleep. Fourth he called me stupid when I was born. Fifth he threw everything on the floor. Sixth he broke my Dora doll. Seventh he didn't want to see Big Hero 6 although I wanted to watch it. Eighth he couldn't stay quiet during the national anthem. Ninth he wouldn't stay quiet on Memorial day. And tenth he misbehaved during my tea party. What shall I do?

I got it. I will get him arrested but first I will throw a doughnut on the ground.

(throws doughnut on the ground)

Rosie: Now I will go away.

(Caillou sees doughnut)

Caillou: Hey! Who littered that?

(police car arrives)

Police Officer: You are under arrest for littering the doughnut!

Caillou: I didn't see a garbage can.

Police Officer: You are lucky that this isn't a day to take care of the planet! In the meantime, that was even worse than what you had done on Earth day! Get in the police car now!

(in jail as Pomp and Circumstance plays)

Police Officer: This is your jail cell! You will be staying for a long time!

(mom and dad arrives)

Caillou: Are you here to bail me out?

Caillou's mom: No! We are not here to bail you out! Since you had done bad stuff to your sister and she is now 12 years old, she got you arrested to teach you a lesson!

Caiilou's dad: Have fun in jail!

(at home)

Caillou's mom: Rosie, thanks for getting Caillou arrested. I guess that's what he gets for doing mean things to you. You are not grounded.