Rosie gets caught dancing in her bikini and gets beaten up by Jazzi as a result.


Intro: Before you watch this video, pay close attention that Rosie's voice is no longer Shy Girl since she cheated off someone's test. Her new voice will continue in her series until the end. Enjoy!

Rosie: I'm going to dance in my bikini. Let me put on my bikini.

(Rosie puts on her bikini)

Rosie: Now that I'm in my bikini, I will dance.

(Rosie dances)

Rosie: Oh no, it's my parents.

Boris: Rosie, how dare you dance in your bikini! You know you aren't supposed to do that at all!

Doris: That's it! You are grounded for 12 days! And for that, someone will beat you up! Do you what? I'll give you a hint. She is 5 years old and her younger brother is B.B. Jammies.

Rosie: I don't want to be beaten by Jazzi.

Boris: That's right. Jazzi is going to beat you up. Jazzi, beat Rosie up.

(Jazzi appears)

Jazzi: Prepare to be beaten up with my sword.


This is the third time Rosie uses Steven as her voice. She sounds similar to Shadow the Hedgehog.

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