Dylan's ghost-Scary Voice

Ronkey's dad-Diesel


This picks up where Ronkey stole Dylan's girlfriend. 


Ronkey: Oh man. I can't believe I got grounded. Last week, I stole Dylan's boyfriend and I got grounded for one week. What should I do? I got it! I will get revenge on Dylan and kill him!

(back at Cafe)

Dylan: Emily, aren't we the best couple ever?

Emily: Yes Dylan.

Dylan: I can't stop thinking about the day when I kept Ronkey from stealing you.

Emily: Same here.

Ronkey (off-screen): Did I just hear that you were talking about me? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

(Ronkey walks toward Dylan and Emily angry holding a gun)

Dylan: Oh no! It's Ronkey again!

Ronkey: That's right! 

Dylan: Didn't I tell you last week you couldn't go anywhere near my girlfriend?

Ronkey: I have the right to!

Dylan: Why?

Ronkey: Because, last week, you caught me stealing her and thanks to you, you got me grounded for one week!

Dylan: So?

Ronkey: I will kill you to teach you a lesson!

Dylan: No no no no no no no no no no no no no!

(Dylan is dead)

Ronkey: Now, Emily, you are coming with me to go swimming.

(Emily changes in her bikini and Ronkey changes into his swimsuit)

Emily: Now let's go in the swimming pool.

(7 hours later, we cut back to the restaurant at dead Dylan, who somehow is a ghost)

Dylan (in ghost form): I can't believe Ronkey killed me and stole my girlfriend for the second time! I will tell his father to ground him!

(back at Ronkey's house)

Ronkey's dad: Who are you?

Dylan (in ghost form): I'm Dylan Arthur McCarthy and I just wanted to inform you that your son killed me and he stole my girlfriend for the second time! 


(scary sound effect plays)

Ronkey's dad: Ronkey, how dare you get revenge on Dylan by killing him and steal his girlfriend for the second time? You know he was one of my friends and not only that, you are very lucky because you're not in prison! You are grounded for 6 weeks! Go to your room now!

Ronkey: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


This is the sequel to Ronkey Steals Dylan's Girlfriend and gets grounded.

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