Red Haired Mary is a lullaby sung by Kumi to make Emily's little brother feel better.

This lullaby tells the story of a young man who woos a girl as he is bound to the fair of Dingle. The man asks her to ride with him to the Dingle Fair. As they are on their way, another man belts the young man in the left eye. The other man who threw the punch, we learn was scheduled to marry the girl that morning. A policeman tries to arrest the young man but the young man is saved by his own donkey who kicks the policeman in the ankle. The lullaby ends with the girl throwing the young man over, offering to her ride, to "forget the priest this very morning and tonight we'll lie in Murphy's Shed."


Although the lullaby "Tomorrow You Can Count Again" makes some people cry, this lullaby made Kumi cry.

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