Rachel-Princess, Steven

Rachel's dad-Simon


Swiper's dad-Diesel



Rachel Penza's punishment is she gets her voice changed.


Rachel's dad: Rachel Penza, how dare you get expelled for cheating on your test! That's it! We're going to the hospital and you're getting your voice changed!

Rachel: No dad, I'm sorry.

Rachel's dad: Too bad. Get in the car.

(at hospital)

Swiper: Please Dad! I don't want my voice changed! Please let me swipe some more stuff!

Swiper's dad: Too bad Swiper! This is what you get for swiping things nonstop and you eventually got put on the naughty list last Christmas thanks to you! When we go home, you will be grounded for life!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Rachel's dad: Can you change my daughter's voice because she cheated on a test?

Doctor: Okay!

Rachel (speaking in Steven's voice): Oh no! My voice is Steven!

Doctor: How's this?

Rachel's dad: It's better! Let's go home now.


Rachel's voice will stay as Steven in the Keith gets grounded series.

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