Question's dad-Diesel

Question's mom-Kimberly

Question's Spanish Voice-Carlos

Principal's angry voice-Stephan (German)


Question gets expelled for talking smack in school.


Zara: Did you hear that Question was a dummy?

Derek: I agree.

Question: Shut up you stupid!

Zara: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Derek: Question, how dare you talk smack to Zara?

Teacher: Question, you are a bad boy! Let's have a meeting in the conference room!

(in conference room)

Question's dad: Not that troublemaker!

Principal: Why are you here?

Question: I hate this meeting and I wish it never happened!

Principal: Question! Sit down and keep quiet! This is an important meeting!

Question: No! I will not sit down! This meeting stinks on ice!

Zara: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Principal: I said don't talk like that during the meeting! Now you made Zara cry! This is your final warning! Talk smack to me one more time and this meeting is off!

Question: That's it! I'm gonna say (voice changes to Carlos) Hola, yo soy Question y esta conferencia es malo malo malo malo malo!

Principal (Stephan's voice): Did you just speak Spanish to me? That's it! This meeting is off!

(at home)

Question's dad: Question, how dare you talk smack to Zara and make her cry? I also heard from the principal that you talked smack to him in Spanish as well! 

Question's dad: That's it! You are grounded for a week! Go to your room now!

Question (Carlos' voice): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


What Question said in Spanish translates to, "Hello, I'm Question and this conference is bad bad bad bad bad!"

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