Emily's mom-Salli

Question's dad-Diesel

Question's mom-Kimberly



Question interrupts a template video and gets in trouble.


(Paramount pictures logo plays with fanfare)

(Pixar logo plays)

(Template music plays)

Emily: Hey Mom, can I have a candy.

Emily's mom: No.

Emily: Please?

Emily's mom: For the last time, I said no! If you ask..

(record scratches)

Question (hitting radio with baseball bat): Turn it off! Turn it off!

Emily's mom: Question, how dare you interrupt the template video and destroy the radio? Now we have no background music for the template video! That's it! I'm calling your parents!

(at home)

Question's dad: Question, how dare you interrupt the template video? That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 10 days!

Question's mom: Your father is right, Question. You aren't supposed to do it. Go to your room now!