Edro-Young Guy

Police Officer-Dallas

Pedro and Edro's mom-Carmen (Spanish voice)

Officer Carter-Paul

Shawn Brunner-Steven

Liam Cook-Catherine

Kawaii Sugarbunny-Ivy


Phillip Psareas-Liang (Chinese voice)

Michael Hall-Eric

Leopold Slikk-Stephan (German voice)


Slippy V-Professor

Joseph Selaty-Kimberly

Wreck It Ralph- Paul

Lily Bunny-Kimberly


Princess notices that Pedro and Edro are giving her punishments so she decides to get them arrested. She is now ungrounded and is celebrated by many visitors.


Princess: I hate Pedro and Edro! I hate it when they give me punishments! I will get them arrested! I will litter the orange on the ground!

Pedro (upon seeing orange): Hey!

Edro: Who littered that?

Police Officer: You are under arrest for littering an orange!

Pedro: We didn't do that!

Police Officer: Tell it to the judge!

(in jail)

Police Officer: You will be staying there for a million years!

Pedro: Thank goodness it's you mom! Are you gonna bail you out?

Pedro and Edro's mom: No! I am not going to bail you out! This is what you get for punishing good users and sending them away!

(at Princess's house)

Officer Carter: Thank you for getting Pedro and Edro arrested. I will call some people to thank you.

(15 minutes later)

Officer Carter: Princess, you have lots of visitors who want to thank you.

Shawn Brunner: I'm Shawn Brunner. Thank you for getting Pedro and Edro arrested. I'm sure they're even worse than Warren Cook.

Liam Cook: I'm Liam Cook and thank you for getting two bad users arrested.

Kawaii Sugarbunny: I'm Kawaii Sugarbunny and you are the best user ever.

LouieLouie95: I'm LouieLouie95 and I will always do good thing to you.

Phillip Psareas: I'm Phillip Psareas and we will always subscribe to you.

Michael Hall: I'm Michael Hall and we will only give bad users punishments.

Leopold Slikk: I'm Leopold Slikk known as Angry German Kid. I will beat the bad users up with my keyboard.

TheSuperBaxter: I'm TheSuperBaxter and you are neither a cyberbully nor a troll.

Slippy V: I'm Slippy V and your choice of deleting bad comments is the best.

Joseph Selaty: I'm Joseph Selaty and I agree with Slippy V.

Wreck It Ralph: I'm Wreck It Ralph. All the music you hate will be wrecked, by me.

Lily Bunny: Finally, I am Lily Bunny from Richard Scarry. You can watch my counting video if you want.

Officer Carter: Now the visitors will give you rewards.

Shawn Brunner: You will not wear any diapers.

Liam Cook: You will not watch any prime time shows you hate such as Quantum Leap or Family Guy.

Kawaii Sugarbunny: You will not watch anything not made by Disney, Fox or Paramount.

LouieLouie95: You will not eat any food you hate.

Phillip Psareas: You will go to any fast food restaurants you like.

Michael Hall: You will keep your memories made by Disney, Fox and Paramount.

Leopold Slikk: I agree with Michael Hall.

TheSuperBaxter: You will not listen to music you hate such as Trololo, Inna, Justin Bieber or Tunak Tunak.

Slippy V: You will not play any video games not made by Disney, Fox or Paramount.

Joseph Selaty: You will always go on vacations you like.

Wreck It Ralph: I will destroy any music, movie or video game you hate.

Lily Bunny: If you keep this up, you will get ungrounded for sextuple infinity.

Officer Carter: I agree with everyone. Now watch, listen, and play all the things you like and you will get ungrounded for sextuple infinity.


Princess: That is the best part of my life.

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