Characters Edit

Princess - Herself

Dad - Diesel

Mom - Kimberly

Likeplaneboy - Princess

Prince Tuesday - Dave

Phillip Psareas - Liang

Hirashi - Princess

Fievel - Ivy

Mrs. Brisby - Kate

Timothy Brisby - Paul

Mrs Shaw - Kate

Mr. Dyke - Diesel

Drew Pickles - Paul

Caroline0204 - Diesel

LouieLouie95 - Eric


Slippy V - Professor

Matt Crowley - Steven

Starscream - Wise Guy

Cathy McCarthy - Kimberly

Kumi - Kimberly

CalebComedian - Brian

Princess Matilda - Princess

Fluttergirl - Tween Girl

Jazzi - Emma

Foo - Ivy

Custard - Jennifer

Noodle - Kendra

Ka-Chung - Amy

B.B. Jammies - Shy Girl

Plot Edit

Princess hates it when Likeplaneboy makes grounded videos out of her so she reports one of the videos and likeplaneboy gets a copyright strike. Then Princess's parents call various users to congratulate her of what she did.

Transcript Edit

Princess: I am so mad! Likeplaneboy made grounded videos out of me! That is called cyberbullying! That's it, I'm going to report one of his videos!

(at likeplaneboy's house)

Likeplaneboy: Let's see Princess gets held back. What the?

Message: Princess gets held back has been removed due to a copyright claim by Princess.

Princess's mom: Did I hear you received a copyright claim for making videos out of our daughter?

Likeplaneboy: Yes!

Princess's dad: Likeplaneboy, how dare you make a video out of Princess! That's it, you're grounded for life! Go to your room now!

(at Princess's house)

Princess's dad: Princess, thank you for reporting likeplaneboy. I will call some people over to thank you.

(a short time later)

Princess's mom: You have some visitors who are proud of you.

Prince Tuesday: We are the Defenders from the Land Down Under. We are proud that you reported a bad user who made grounded videos out of you.

Phillip Psareas: I'm Phillip Psareas. We will not make any grounded videos out of you but we will make grounded videos out of likeplaneboy.

Hirashi: I'm Hirashi and I agree with my boyfriend.

Fievel: I'm Fievel. You will not watch my movies unless they are your favorite.

Mrs. Brisby: I'm Mrs. Brisby from The Secrets of NIMH. Likeplaneboy deserves to watch my series but not you.

Timothy Brisby: I'm Timothy Brisby and you are free to watch any shows you like.

Mrs. Shaw: I'm Mrs. Shaw, Warren Cook's teacher. You will have less assignments and you will not attend Summer or night school. Warren however has more assignments and has to go the schools I mentioned. Likeplaneboy has to do the same for making videos out of you.

Mr. Dyke: I'm Mr. Dyke, Warren's principal and I'm sure Warren and Likeplaneboy will get expelled.

Drew Pickles: I'm Drew Pickles from Rugrats. You can watch my shows although they're made by Paramount.

Caroline0204: I'm Caroline0204 and we will dislike any grounded videos made out of you.

LouieLouie95: I'm LouieLouie95 and I agree with Caroline0204.

NathanDesignerBoy7: I'm NathanDesignerBoy7, we will make grounded videos out of likeplaneboy but not out of you.

Slippy V: I'm Slippy V and I'm sure that you are not a troublemaker.

Matt Crowley: I'm Matt Crowley also known as Angrywalkthroughs and I heard that you are one of my friends. I'm mad a likeplaneboy for making a video out of not only you but me!

Cathy McCarthy: I'm Cathy McCarthy and I liked how you reported a bad user.

Kumi: I'm Kumi and thank you for reporting a cyberbully.

CalebComedian: I'm CalebComedian and I'm proud you reported a user who made a grouded viideo out you.

Princess Matilda: I'm Princess Matilda. I'm sure likeplaneboy will watch my videos from now on.

Fluttergirl: I'm Fluttergirl. I agree.

Jazzi: Lastly, I'm Jazzi. I'm so proud because you reported to Likeplaneboy.

Foo: I'm Foo. Your stuff not made by Disney, Fox or Paramount will be donated to charity.

Custard: I'm Custard. It's cool to report Likeplaneboy for making a grounded video out of you.

Noodle: I'm Noodle. Reporting to Likeplaneboy has got to be one of the best things you had ever done.

Ka-Chung: I'm Ka-Chung. We're going to beat Likeplaneboy up with chainsaws!

B.B. Jammies: Me B.B. Jammies. Me wike you.

Princess's dad: Now the visitors will give you rewards.

Prince Tuesday: 1st reward, you will not wear any nappies.

Phillip Psareas: 2nd reward, you will eat any food you will like.

Hirashi: 3rd reward, no spankings or slappings.

Fievel: 4th reward, you will not be turned into a baby but instead, we will turn Likeplaneboy into a baby.

Mrs. Brisby: 5th reward, you will not watch anything not made by Disney, Fox or Paramount.

Timothy Brisby: 6th reward, we will always make ungrounded videos out of you.

Mrs. Shaw: 7th reward, you will not attend school on weekends.

Mr. Dyke: 8th reward, you can go to any fast food place you like.

Drew Pickles: 9th reward, you can keep your stuff made by Paramount because my daughter Angelica does not deserve any stuff donated by me from good users like you.

Caroline0204: 10th reward, you will drink anything made by Coca Cola.

LouieLouie95: 11th reward, we will keep your regular posters on your room.

NathanDesignerBoy7: 12th reward. You will not watch any music videos you hate such as Rick Astley, Inna or Trololo guy.

Slippy V: 13th reward, you will not watch any baby shows not made by Disney or Nick Jr. from now on.

Matt Crowley: 14th reward, we will not close your Youtube account and we will always subscribe to you from now on.

Cathy McCarthy: 15th reward, you will not play any education games.

Kumi: 16th reward, you will not receive any bad ratings of your videos.

CalebComedian: 17th reward, you can go swimming whenever you want and you can choose the swimsuit you want. Likeplaneboy, however, has to wear a swim shirt no matrer if he goes swimming or not.

Princess Matilda: 18th reward. you can take a first class one way ticket to Nickelodeon Studiors or Fort Lauderdale.

Fluttergirl: 19th reward, we will always be good users for only you.

Jazzi: 20th reward, you will not watch our TV show unless it's your favorite.

Noodle: I agree with Jazzi.

B.B. Jammies: Me too.

Ka-Chung: Me three.

Foo: Me four.

Custard: And me five.

Princess's mom: Oh I forgot, there is 21th reward. We will all go to the beach.

(at beach)

Princess: That made my day.