Peach's real dad-Dave

Peach's real mom-Kendra

Peach's fake dad-Simon






This is the sequel to Annabelle and Kumi fight in front of Peach.


Peach's real dad: Oh my God, why would you ground our daughter Peach like that? 

Peach's real mom: I'm so fed up with you! Also, we love her!

Peach's fake dad: Hold on, I grounded her because she was playing with Annabelle Dawson and Kumi Crystal while grounded.

Annabelle: It doesn't matter! Only we can unground Peach because we're her friends, not you! You're just a fraud and a phony! Normally I would say go to your room now, but instead I'm gonna say this! Someone will beat you up! Do you know who she is? I'll give you a hint. She is the kindest Save-Um who likes to go on adventures and loves to fly in her jet pack.

Peach's fake dad: I don't want to be beaten up by Foo.

Annabelle: Correct. Foo will beat you up with a chainsaw. Foo, beat up Peach's dad!

Foo: Prepare for some bleeding!

(Kumi is comforting Peach while Peach is crying in her game voice)

Kumi: Don't worry Peach, your dad will never ground you ever more.