Characters Edit

Pingu - David/Zack/Evil Genius

Evil Mort - Julie

Mort - Shy Girl

Sophie the Otter - Kayla

Jazzi - Emma

Plot Edit

Pingu gets ungrounded for grounding Evil Mort

Transcript Edit

Pingu: Evil Mort! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded forever! Go to your room now!

(Evil Mort runs in angry)

Pingu: Yes! I grounded Evil Mort!

Evil Mort: There he is, Mort! Pingu is the one who grounded me!

Mort: You deserved it! You are grounded forever! As for this, you'll be killed by Jazzi!

Jazzi: Prepare to be dead!

Sophie the Otter: Thank you for grounding Evil Mort. You may go hang out with your friends as your reward.

Pingu: Thank you, Sophie the Otter. You are the best.