Cast: Edit


His mother


Grandma Longneck

Summary: Edit

Inspired by Keaton Family on Supernanny Fanon Wiki.

Transcript: Edit

Pterano: Petrie, don't say a bad word to your uncle! Say it again and you will be going on the Naughty Log.

Petrie: Oh, you son of a ( beep )!

Pterano: Let's go, you're gonna sit on the Naughty Log.

( Pterano deposits Petrie and confiscates his berries )

Petrie: You are a donkey.

Pterano: Pterano doesn't want those bad words because they hurt other people's feelings. Now you have to stay here for 4 minutes. Now your fruit is in The Great Valley prison!

Petrie: No! Donkey is a big thumbs up!!!!!!

( Pterano leaves Petrie on the Naughty Log )

( Petrie escapes the Naughty Log and sneaks into his uncle's nest and watches p**n on his TV. )

( Pterano uses a screwdriver to unlock the door and enters the room )

Pterano: Why does Petrie always try to escape from the Naughty Log everytime? It is exhustating.

Petrie's mother: Hey! That is a very naughty vidya! Fly back to the Naughty Log!

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