Edro-Young Guy

P/E's dad-Alan

P/E's mom-Carmen (Spanish Voice)

Coulden Petit-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Good Gage-Kimberly

Liam Cook-Catherine

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa)-Dallas

RobertCoatesAnimation-Young Guy

Slippy V-Professor

Shawn Brunner-Steven

Wawa Watanabe-Kendra

Leopold Slikk (AGK)-Stephan (German Voice)






B.B. Jammies-Shy Girl


WSP means Warren-Style punishments. Pedro and Edro are sick of being in Kyrgyzstan. They then escape by plane and make the opening to Wall-E 1985 Real Not Fake but soon get some Warren-Style punishments.


Pedro: We hate her in Kyrgyzstan.

Edro: Me too.

Pedro: Let's escape Kyrgyzstan!

Edro: Good idea.

(when they got home)

Pedro: We're home. Let's make the opening to Wall-E 1985 Real not Fake.

Edro: Good idea.

P/E's dad: Pedro and Edro, come down here!

Pedro: Uh oh.

P/E's dad: I heard you escaped from Kyrgyzstan! What did you do now?

Edro: We made the opening to Wall-E 1985 Real Not Fake.

P/E's dad: Pedro and Edro, that opening is fake! Wall-E came out in 2008, not 1985! 

P/E's mom: That's it! You are grounded for life! I'm calling people!

(15 minutes later)

P/E's dad: Pedro and Edro, you have some visitors!

Coulden Petit: I'm Coulden Petit! We can't believe you escaped Kyrgyzstan!

Good Gage: I'm the good Gage! We also can't believe you made a fake opening!

Liam Cook: I'm Liam Cook! If you think I'm Warren's brother, you will go to the netherworld!

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): I'm Charles Green known as the Angry Grandpa! I'm so damn angry at you for escaping Kyrgyzstan!

RobertCoatesAnimation: I'm RobertCoatesAnimation and I wish you could stop defying your punishments!

Slippy V: I'm Slippy V! Wall-E came out in 2008, not 1985!

Shawn Brunner: I'm Shawn Brunner and you need a strict lesson!

Wawa Watanabe: I'm Wawa Watanabe known as the baby on mdstaryo's channel! You should be in a diaper like me!

Leopold Slikk (AGK): I'm Leopold Slikk known as the Angry German Kid! I will beat you up with my keyboard!

Foo: I'm Foo.

Ka-Chung: I'm Ka-Chung.

Custard: I'm Custard.

Noodle: I'm Noodle.

B.B. Jammies: Me B.B. Jammies.

Jazzi: And I'm Jazzi and we're the Save-Ums. We're going to beat you up with chainsaws everytime you wish us we're all dead!


This is the second video that featured Warren-Style punishments.