Eglantine Price-Catherine

Professor Browne-Alan

Paul Rawlins-Ivy

Charles Rawlins-Shy Girl

Carrie Rawlins-Tween Girl


This is my first grounded video out of one of the Bedknobs and Broomsticks characters. Anyway, Paul hates dinner.


Paul Rawlins: I want McDonald's!

Professor Browne: We are not having McDonald's! We're having dinner at Portobello Road so eat it!

Eglantine Price: I agree with Mr. Browne! Eat your food!

Paul Rawlins: That's it! I'm throwing everything in the garbage!

(Paul throws everything in the garbage)

Professor Browne: Paul Rawlins, how dare you throw everything in the garbage! That's it! We're going home because you threw our dinner away!

(at home)

Professor Browne: You are grounded for life!

Charles Rawlins: I agree what the professor says!

Carrie Rawlins: Me too!

Paul Rawlins: Shut up, you two especially Charles and Carrie! I don't have to listen to you all! I wish you were all dead and cremated!

Professor Browne: Paul, how dare you threaten us! That's it! Your punishment is you will be turned into a bunny!

Paul Rawlins: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Eglantine Price: Filigree, apogee, filgree, pedigree!

(Paul turns into a bunny)

Paul Rawlins: I'm sorry for misbehaving at dinner.

Professor Browne: Too bad Paul! This is what you get for throwing the dinner in the garbage! You will stay as a bunny forever! You will only eat carrots! Now hop to your room now!

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