Officer Bob-Dallas


Officer Bob's dad-Diesel

Officer Bob's mom-Kimberly


Based on the episode Keep Bikini Bottom Clean.


Officer Bob: I hate litter! I got it, when I see someone litter, I will put a ticket on his/her nose.

(Erika walks by and throws a can)

Officer Bob: Erika, you littered!

(he puts ticket on her nose)

Erika: Oh my God! Officer Bob, how dare you put a ticket on my nose! That's it! I'm calling your parents!

(at home)

Officer Bob's dad: Officer Bob, how dare you put a ticket on Erika's nose? 

Officer Bob's mom: Putting tickets on peoples noses is the wrong choice!

Officer Bob: But Erika littered.

Officer Bob's dad: It doesn't matter. You are grounded grounded grounded until trash day!

Officer Bob's mom: Go to your room now!

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