Characters Edit

Nutty - Kidaroo

Nutty's Dad - Diesel

Nutty's Mom - Kimberly

Scootatoo - Brian, Salli

Scootatoo's Dad - Alan

Custard - Jennifer

Plot Edit

Nutty gets grounded for changing Scootatoo's voice back to Salli and beaten up by Custard

Transcript Edit

Nutty: Man! I can't believe Scootatoo's voice is Brian, I know! I will change Scootatoo's voice back!

(Nutty goes to Scootatoo's house)

Nutty: Hi, Scootatoo!

Scootatoo: Hi, Nutty! What are you doing here?

Nutty: I'm here because I'm going to change your voice back!

Scootatoo: Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay, Yay! I can't wait to get my voice back!

Nutty: Good! Are you ready, Scootatoo?

Scootatoo: I sure am!

Nutty: Okay then! 1, 2, 3!

Scootatoo: (now speaking in Salli's voice) Yay! My voice is back again! Thanks, Nutty

Nutty: You're welcome!

Scootatoo's Dad: NUTTY! Who changed your voice back to Salli?!

Nutty: It was me

Scootatoo's Dad: That's it! I'm calling your parents

Nutty's Dad: Nutty! How dare you change Scootatoo's voice back to Salli! That's it! You are grounded forever!

Nutty's Mom: Normally I would say go to your room now, but instead I'm gonna say this! Custard is going to beat you up! Custard, beat up Nutty!

(Custard appears)

Custard: Prepare to die!


Custard: Yes! Nutty is dead forever and burn in hell.