Nathandesignerboy7's dad-Alan

Kawaii Sugarbunni-Ivy


Nathandesignerboy7 has a bad dream about getting grounded.


Nathandesignerboy7: It's been a long day. I might as well go to sleep.

(dream starts)

Nathandesignerboy7's dad: Nathandesignerboy7, you are grounded big time!

Nathandesignerboy7: But Dad I didn't do anything.

Nathandesignerboy7's dad: That's right! You're grounded for nothing! I will call your haters on the phone to teach you a lesson!

(15 minutes later)

Nathandesignerboy7's dad: Nathandesignerboy7, you have some angry visitors!

Nathandesignerboy7 (waking up from his dream): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kawaii Sugarbunni: Nathandesignerboy7, keep it down! I'm trying to sleep!

Nathandesignerboy7: Sorry Kawaii Sugarbunni but I had a nightmare about me getting grounded for nothing and getting some Warren-Style punishments.

Kawaii Sugarbunni: Don't worry, you won't get grounded for nothing or get Warren-Style punishments. We will always protect you.

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