Characters Edit

Murray, Customer, Manager-Steven





Princess Matilda-Princess

Fluttergirl-Tween Girl

Plot Edit

Murray doesn't get what he wants.

Transcript Edit

Dad: I'm off to work. Take care of my son, Murray Robinson. Mom: Bye.

Murray: Can we go to McDonald's?

Mom: Sure, we can.

(at McDonald's)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Mom: This is only for my son, Murray Robinson.

Murray: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and a lemonade.

Clerk: I'm sorry I have to say this Murray, but the lemonade was limited edition only.

Murray: This again?

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a strawberry milkshake instead?

Murray (Kidaroo's voice): NO WAY! I SAID I WANTED LEMONADE!

Clerk: That's not easy to handle.

Mom: Stop acting like a brat! You can either have a strawberry milkshake or else you'll have nothing! Hey, where are you going?

(a gun Murray took from a customer)

Customer: Hey you! That gun is mine so give it back to me right now!

(censored among gunshots)


Princess Matilda: My leg!

Fluttergirl: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mom: Come with me!

(in manager's office)

Manager: So Tricia, why are you and your son here?

Mom: Murray shot at CalebCommedian, Princess Matilda and Fluttergirl all because the lemonade was limited edition only!

Manager: Let's see the footage.

(sees footage)

Manager: Oh my god! Murray, how dare you shoot at CalebCommedian, Princess Matilda and Fluttergirl! Those customers were one of my friends and not only that, it's against the law and I could have come in and called the cops! That's it! You are no longer allowed in this restaurant for 12 weeks! Go home now!

Dad: Tricia Robinson, I'm back from work but what happened here? I can see that Murray is crying. Don't tell me he caused trouble.

Mom: Well, you will be extremely mad when I say this! Murray shot at three people at McDonald's all because the lemonade he wanted was limited edition only! The manager then banned us for 12 weeks!

Dad: Oh (10X)! Murray, how dare you use a firearm to shoot at three people at McDonald's! You know that doing stuff like that can get you arrested and you will end up in jail! That's it! You are grounded for 12 weeks and we will call the cops on you if we end up on the news! Go to your room now!

Murray (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!