Murray's dad-Diesel




Twilight (mentioned)

Adrianna (mentioned)

Andrew (mentioned)


Because Murray broke the classroom TV, he is forced to get a job to earn money so he can have $6000 for a new TV. BTW, Neutrina and Lucy are look alikes of Adrianna.


Murray's dad: Murray, get downstairs.

Murray: What is it?

Murray's dad: Principal Twilight Sparkle called me and she told me that you need a job.

Murray: Why?

Murray's dad: You broke the classroom TV the other day. It cost $6000 and now you have to work to buy a new one.

(at The Salvation Army Thrift Store)

Boss: Hello, you  must be Murray Benjamin Robinson.

Murray: I am.

Boss: I heard that you are working here just to earn money for a new classroom TV. How much money would you like to earn?

Murray: $6000.

Boss: I'm afraid every day, you earn $100. Every week you earn $500.

Murray: That means I work for you six weeks.

Neutrina: Boring.

Lucy: I agree with Neutrina.

Boss: Lucy and Neutrina, get out of here!

Lucy: Why?

Boss: Because you two can't fool Andrew by looking like his girlfriend Adrianna!

(they leave)

Murray: Okay.

(12 weeks later)

Murray's dad: How was your work day?

Murray: It was good.

Murray's dad: I forgot to tell you that you still need to go to the store and buy a new TV for your school.


This is the sequel to Murray Breaks the Classroom TV.

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