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Murray's Dad-Young Guy




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Murray's dad trusted him to babysit Kumi when he wasn't around. When Murray's dad left, Kumi had fun.

Murray wanted to watch his show but Kumi insisted on Spongebob Squarepants. Kumi threw a tantrum and cried.

Later, Kent tried to rob the house but Murray called the cops just in time. The cops arrived and Kent was arrested.

Kumi was pleased so she wanted to go swimming with Murray. As Kumi and Murray were going swimming, Murray called his dad and told him what was going on. Murray soon was ungrounded.

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Dad: Murray, can you babysit Kumi?

Murray: Sure. I can.

(Dad leaves)

Murray: Let's have fun.

Kumi: Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

(Kumi nearly destroys house)

Murray: There we are at it again!

Kumi: Out of the way.

Murray: Let's watch Rugrats!

Kumi: No, let's watch Spongebob!

Murray: No way! Spongebob is the worst show ever!

Kumi: I want Spongebob! I want Spongebob! I want Spongebob! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Murray: Stop cry-dancing on the sofa! We all know you are 17 and you cannot cry! Only babies cry! Besides, look through your window!

(Kumi looks out window)

Kent: I'm going to steal something from the house!

Kumi: Don't open the door!

Murray: Don't worry, I got you covered.

Cop (on phone): Hello, who is this and what is it?

Murray: It's me Murray Benjamin Robinson. Kent is trying to rob my house. My address is 10804 Springfield Way.

Kent: I said open up the door!

(police car arrives)

Cop: You are under arrest for trying to rob a house!

(police car leaves)

Kumi: Thanks for saving me!

Murray: You're welcome. By the way, my dad is coming in 10 minutes so what do you say we go swimming?

Kumi: Great idea but first let's get in our bathing suits.

Murray: Thanks.

(Murray and Kumi get into bathing suits)

Murray: I really love your bikini.

Kumi: I got it at the Salvation Army thrift store.

(at pool)

Murray: Before we go swimming, I will tell my dad what happened so far.

(at store)

Dad: Hold on.

Murray (on phone): Dad, I just called to say that I was babysitting Kumi. I told her that she couldn't watch Spongebob but Kumi threw a fit. Later on, Kent was trying to rob the house so I called the cops and he was arrested. You can find us at the backyard pool.

Dad: I'm coming to check on both of you.

(Dad arrives)

Dad: Murray, why are you and Kumi in bathing suits?

Murray: We're just going swimming to pass the time.

Dad: Murray, thank you for babysitting Kumi. As for this, you are ungrounded.

Murray: You are the best.